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This page contains FREE freeware written by Scott Hather, and a section for software written by other programmers who have given their software away for free on the internet. All programs are free to use, there are no nags, cripples or time-limit. Shareware is not allowed!

Sorry, but I cannot provide any email help or support for the programs on this page, I only have time to provide free email support to Satscape Users, so emails I get regarding these programs will be deleted. So, if it doesn't work on your PC, delete it and try some other software instead. Everything on here is FREE, so you havn't lost anything if it doesn't work.
Thank You.
Scott Hather

Software by Scott Hather
  MP3 Splitter/Joiner
Whether you have lots of small MP3 music file and want to join them up into one large file, or visa-versa, this simple program will do it, you can decide what size to split them up into, and has a clear-cut 'inferface' to help you do the job.
  PC Link v1.00 - PC to PC File Sharing and Chat
If you don't want to share your files with just anyone, this program allows you to set up an "IP Address Book" with just your friends in, then just select their name, select some files, and it then sends them directly to their PC bypassing servers and slow protocols. You can send, recieve and chat all at the same time. Its intended for Fixed IP addresses such as Cable modems and ADSL, but will work on dialup accounts so long as you know your friend's IP address. To find it out, open a DOS window and type "ARP -A" it will say something like "INTERFACE". The 4 digits are your IP address, get your friend to do this too, so you can send files to him/her
  VE-Mail (Video Emailer)

Theres a few video emailing programs out there some cost money, others are free, but require the reciever of the mail to install a program or plugin just to watch it. So I made this, its free and should work with any webcam/microphone, just 7 simple steps to make your video email message, click send, and away it goes, the reciever simply recieves and email with an MPEG attachment, which can then be played by Windows media player, which should already be installed on their PC, To recieve video emails, any email program will do, outlook, eudora etc. I've made this so simple to use, even AOL customers will be able to use it

  Scott's Speedo

Scott's Speedo


This program sits in your Windows taskbar as an Icon, you click it, and a black panel slides onto the screen showing your current and previous upload and download speeds over your Internet connection, it also shows how much you've transfered since you switched on your PC, and the Stats window will allow you to see average transfer speeds over the last 24 hours. This program is still being developed, so at the moment it may pick the wrong IP address, especially if you have multiple LAN cards etc, but it does its best to pick the right one. The Graphs automatically compensates for all speeds of internet connection, so everything from 14K4 dialup to OC256 Fibre-optics and higher will display properly. Click the thumbnail image of the left for a bigger view.
  News Alert

News Alert


This Program runs as an icon in your windows system tray, and monitors News events from around the world via Reuters, when news breaks, the icon will flash, you can then left-click the icon, and the news story along with a photo will display on your desktop, you can alter a setting to make it automatically pop up as well (right click the icon), you can also browse previous breaking news should you miss it, so you can be kept up to date with whats happening in the world. Theres another button that allows you to browse other news catagories, such as "entertainment", "Business", "Technology" etc. And unlike other news headline programs, theres no advertizing. Its intended for people with perminant internet connections, such as cable modem, DSL etc, but does work with dial up connection, but you'd have to set your PC up to automatically dial, and hang up.
Free ActiveX Controls (OCXs) By Scott Hather
All these ActiveX Controls are intended for Programmers to simply drop into their application, and all should work in VB, VC++, Delphi or any Development program that supports ActiveX Controls...even web pages! Theres no help, but very easy to use, descriptions of each method, property and event exposed are embedded in the OCX, so you can use a "object browser" or similar feature of your dev system to see how to use the control. Eg. In Visual Basic press F2
  LED Control
Download ScottsLED AX Control (OCX) This is a simple Red or Green LED control, two properties LEDstate is set to 0=off 1=on and 2=flashing, the flashrate is changed using LEDflashrate property.
  SpeedGraph Control

SpeedGraph is Really easy to use, but very impressive, drop this on your form, it then has just two Methods to kick it into action, first .ClearGraph to clear and initialise the control, and then .AddNewValue method to add a new value and scroll everything left. It automatically resizes the plotlines so works with any range of values, also has a red dotted line to show the average speed, can be used for upload/download meters/graphs and many other uses.

  7 Segment LED Control

Download Scott's
7 segment LED
control (OCX)
Couldn't find one of these anywhere, apart from one that you have to pay for!!! So heres one I made earlier. Just two Properties; .NumOfDigits will change the width in digits, you can't resize it yourself, then use .LEDnumber to set the number you want to display, preceding 0s will be placed in for you, NumOfDigits must be set first.
In the example on the left, NumOfDigits=3 and LEDnumber=26
  IRC Client Control

This is an IRC Chat and DCC Clients contained in an OCX, you can write your own IRC client using this control with just a few lines of code, no need to learn complicated winsock programming, each control has one socket for server connection, one IDENT server, and 3 DCC Chat/Download sockets, if you need more, just drop another control on the form !
Theres an extensive amount of properties, methods and events in this control, some help is embedded in the OCX but it helps if you're familar with how IRC works.

  TCP/IP Data Control

This is not a visible control either, it gives back various TCP/IP data about your PC and Internet connection, you can get a list of all open sockets and where they are connected to, all listening sockets (servers) and various properties to get info on datagrams going out and coming into your PC.



Free Software by other Programmers

If you use Satscape to predict when the NOAA series of satellites pass over, with a radio scanner, and this software you can receive images of your part of the world as seen from 300 miles up, written by Christian H. Bock

WXtoIMG - Weather satellite decoder
integrated weather satellite recorder, decoder, image viewer, and editor.
Star Office - A Complete Micro$oft(tm) Office-type package for FREE
A fully featured office productivity suite comprising professional word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail, graphics, web publishing, scheduling, database, & management applications, and which is Microsoft Office compatible. The only catch is, its a BIG download.
WorldTime - Keep track of time around the world
Display the current time/date from over 1,300 cities around the world; includes UTC (GMT/Zulu), Universal Time & Swatch Beat Internet time, Big Ben chimes, and basic time modules (calendar, time caclulator, alarm, stopwatch, days since an event, etc).
Ace Talking Reminder - Nice little desktop toy
Have small animated cartoon characters pop-up and recite jokes & quotes, tell the time, be a sophisticated reminder service, speak out the contents of the Clipboard, and say whatever you type.
XEarth - The earth as animated wallpaper
Displays a dynamic image of the world on a PC’s desktop as wallpaper; display a selected location or a Sun-centered view (updated every few minutes). Ported from the Linux/Unix Xearth. Also displays recent earthquake positions updated via the internet. Similar to Geoclock, only better.
RegCleaner - Cleans windows' registry
Finds/removes outdated Registry entries, duplicate files, blank Start menu entries, unnecessary files, etc
AnalogX TimeSync
Syncronizes your PC's clock with an atomic clock on the internet

If you like the 3D view of Satscape, you'll love this, its a galaxy simulation, you can fly around viewing planets and stars all in their correct position and lighting etc...brilliant program, and free.
Napster died along time ago, but a whole bunch of replacements came along, this one, I think is the best there is, shares ANY type of file not just username to set up, to technical things to set, just install and run.